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Annual Reports

2022 - Heading towards expansion

2022 was another eventful year in the relatively short history of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S.

The new terminal at Qeqertanut celebrated its fifth anniversary. It was completed in August 2017 and inaugurated on September 22 of the same year.

The Port of Nuuk is essential infrastructure for many users in Greenland and crucial for the country’s development. It must be maintained to last for a long time, and the port areas, users, and employees, as well as the surrounding environment, must be well taken care of. With three new ISO certifications in 2022, Sikuki has a solid foundation to build on.

After the global coronavirus pandemic, cruise ships returned to the Port of Nuuk in 2022. In addition to the joy of being able to welcome guests again after the pandemic, the arrivals have also had a positive impact on the year’s economic results.

Sikuki has once again created a reasonable profit in 2022. A profit that should be invested in maintaining and developing port areas and services in Nuuk, creating value for owners, customers, and the entire Greenlandic community. We look forward to further developing the port together with all our partners.

2021 - Essential infrastructure

Infrastructure is designed to endure. This also applies to the port in Nuuk, which is an essential piece of infrastructure in Greenland and critical for the country’s development. However, in order to fulfill their life expectancies, infrastructure needs to be maintained and developed. This is needed to ensure functionality and to add more options for users.

Maintenance and increased activities have been focus areas in 2021. Several renovation projects were completed, particularly  in the older port areas, but also the road leading to Qeqertaq Avalleq, which was straightened out and paved. The safety and working environment aspects have also been improved via a much-needed upgrade of the lighting in the older port areas.

Even though the global corona pandemic once again in 2021 kept cruise ship lines from calling at Greenland, it has been a decent year for Sikuki Nuuk Harbour financially due to more activities in several areas. With the settlement of the arbitration case that has been going on since 2017, a not insignificant risk is now gone and the company can focus on business development and continuing to develop the Port of Nuuk. The continuing development of the port areas and services in Nuuk create value for its owners, the customers and the entire community in Greenland. We look forward to continuing to develop the port together with our business partners.


2020 - Welcome to a new network

In 2020, the port of Nuuk received three new regular visitors; Royal Arctic Lines’ Tukuma Arctica and Eimskip’s Dettifoss and Brúarfoss. Three new  vessels of 2,150 TEU each. The collaboration between the two shipping companies has made Greenland and the Port of Nuuk a part of a very extensive shipping network. The necessary infrastructure to support the collaboration, port infrastructure, cranes and buildings etc., is provided by Sikuki.

Although all cruise calls were cancelled in 2020 due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Sikuki has maintained focus on other activities as well as maintenance and optimization of both new and older port facilities, and we look forward to further developing the port together with our owner, customers and partners.

2019 - Our Geographical Location Creates Value

Port infrastructure is essential to support the business development of the main pillars on which our society rest - fishery, tourism, raw materials and land-based industries. By utilizing our strategic location in the Arctic, as well as further developing port areas and services, we create value for owners, customers the entire Greenlandic community. In 2019, Sikuki has continued working on several necessary renovation projects, security measures, signage, clean-up and waste management.

The expanded port capacity in Nuuk will play an important role in the future streamlining of new trade opportunities and the supply of Greenland.

We have laid the foundation for increased tourism, space for the raw material industry and other port related activities, and we have continued to work with the trawler companies and their partners ashore to offer better and more efficient conditions for the fishing industry.

We are looking forward to further developing the Port of Nuuk and cooperating with owner, customers and other stakeholders on more port related projects in Greenland.



2018 - Ports and Society

Fishing, tourism, raw materials and land-based industries.The Greenlandic economy rests on these four pillars, and politicians and economists agree they are crucial for the country’s development.That strongly emphasizes that good infrastructure - and in particular port infrastructure - is absolutely crucial to the business development we want in Greenlandic society.

Sikuki, and the expanded port capacity in Nuuk, must benefit all of Greenland, and plays an important role in improving the efficiency of Greenland’s supply. But we must also develop in other areas.

In 2018, Sikuki has started a maintenance program that will improve the harbor facilities in Nuuk over a number of years. Sikuki, together with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, has also established a new Welcome Center for cruise ships, and better conditions have been established at the Tidal Stairs for the benefit of tourists and others who are going on fjord trips.

We have laid the foundation to provide the necessary space for the extractive industry and others who need storage space, and we have continued the work with the trawler shipping companies and their partners ashore to offer the best and most efficient conditions for the fishing industry.

We are proud of the improvements we have achieved in 2018, but we are far from reaching our goals. We look forward to taking on the task of further development together with our customers, suppliers, owners and other partners.







2017 - New Terminal, New Infrastructure

It is impossible to develop a society without infrastructure. Strong infrastructure is a prerequisite for the business development we all want for our society. With the completion of the port expansion in Nuuk, 2017 was the year in which the construction of one of Greenland’s largest infrastructure projects was completed and began operations. It is an important step in the country’s future development.

The expanded infrastructure will be an advantage for all of Greenland, as we now have a new container terminal that can increase the efficiency of supply to the entire country. At the same time, the total port area in Nuuk is available for a number of new opportunities - within container transport, fisheries, tourism and to other port-related companies.

The objective of Sikuki, as described at the company’s foundation in 2013, is to construct, own, operate and develop port areas in Nuuk. And even though the company has now owned and operated a port in Nuuk for more than a year - since July 1, 2016 - it is quite special that the new container terminal is now in use. It has provided flexibility and space so we can now work with the part of the company’s objective, which is just as important as the construction of the new terminal - to operate and develop all port areas in Nuuk.

We are looking forward to the tasks of developing the port together with our customers, suppliers, owners and other partners.





2016 - A Year of Change

On July 1, 2016, Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S became an operating company. On that day, the company took over responsibility for the existing port in Nuuk, and is now well on the way to meet the company goals: to construct, own, operate and develop the port areas.

The construction of the new container terminal and associated buildings is delayed, and the contractor could not deliver the project according to the construction contract in November 2016 but will hand over during 2017.

The takeover of the existing port facilities in Nuuk and the introduction of user fees has resulted in changes for the port users.Changes, delays and challenges do not alter the fact that Greenland is well on the way to get a modern port facility, which will have profound impact on the country’s infrastructure and development. These are potentials we look forward to developing together with our customers, suppliers, owners and other partners.





2015 - New Opportunities

With the far-sighted decision to found SIKUKI and construct new facilities on Qeqertat and Fyrø (the Admiralty isles) in Nuuk, the infrastructure on Greenland receives a major facility which is adapted for future requirements.

Efficient infrastructure is a prerequisite for growth and a new container terminal in Nuuk has both been on the wish list and on the drawing board for well over 10 years. 2015 is there-fore a landmark year. Legislation, construction contracts and financing are now in place. And not least, construction has started and is progressing well.

In less than a year, Greenland has a new container terminal that can make supply to the whole country more effective. And Nuuk has a unified port area which is designed for future needs.

The new port will be cheaper than previously expected due to its optimized design.

The construction project creates jobs and apprenticeships for Greenland, so the port has a positive impact on society. And it will hopefully be larger in the future.

All over the world ports create development and attract business activities. This will also be the role of Sikuki Nuuk Harbour in the future.

At the top of this effectivization of supply, SIKUKI is ready to support possible development of the fishing industry, tourism and commodities sector, when there is a need for it. But the opportunities do not stop there.

The harbour and the new terminal are unique in their scalability. It is a good investment for the Greenland we know today. With its numerous options for expansion, it is also a long-term investment that can adapt to future growth.

It is - almost - only the imagination that sets limits for the development opportunities. We look back therefore on 2015 as a landmark year, and expect a lot of the future.








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